"Cap Said to Recover 10,000 Barrels of Oil a Day"

"HOUSTON -- A cap placed over a ruptured well spewing oil  into the Gulf of Mexico is capturing about 10,000 barrels a day, indicating engineers are making some progress in stanching the flow, Adm. Thad W. Allen of the Coast Guard, who is commanding the federal response to the disaster, said Sunday. 'We’re slowly raising production,' he said in an interview on the ABC television news program 'This Week.' But he also cautioned in a separate appearance on CBS’s 'Face the Nation' that even if the ultimate strategy -- two relief wells -- finally succeed in plugging the leak one mile below the surface of the gulf, it would take 'well into the fall' to clean up the beaches and marshes sullied by the oil and to address other environmental harm. 'This is a very, very, very tough problem,' he said, when asked if the disaster would end soon." Clifford Krauss reports for the New York Times June 6, 2010.
Source: NYTimes, 06/07/2010