"'Cal Enviroscreen' Ranks ZIP Codes Statewide By Pollution"

"It's the first environmental health screening tool of its kind in the country. California's Environmental Protection Agency is rolling out 'Cal Enviroscreen' which helps pinpoint communities that may be particularly vulnerable to pollution."

"And it's not just for wonks. You can look up your own community. Cal Enviroscreen measures a broad range of pollutants and health indicators in every zip code across the state.

The most vulnerable community in the state? West Fresno, one of Fresno's poorest areas. Other zip codes in the top ten include Bakersfield, Stockton and the Los Angeles-area communities of Vernon, Baldwin Park, and Boyle Heights."

Sasha Khokha reports for KQED's The California Report health blog April 23, 2013.

Source: KQED, 04/24/2013