"Brazil’s ‘Man Of The Hole’ Dies, And An Amazonian Tribe Is No More"

"The Indigenous man had lived alone for at least 26 years and repeatedly rejected attempts at communication".

"The last surviving member of an isolated Amazonian tribe died this month, Brazil’s national Indigenous agency, FUNAI, has announced.

Known in Brazil as the “man of the hole,” he had lived alone for nearly 30 years after the rest of his tribe was killed in attacks by ranchers and other tribes during the 1980s and ’90s. The Brazilian government had monitored him for 26 years and said he had repeatedly rejected attempts at communication.

Brazil’s Indigenous agency restricts access to the areas surrounding isolated tribes and follows their movements periodically to monitor their locations and prevent them from being contacted unnecessarily.

Other isolated tribes in Brazil are also threatened with extinction. The Piripkura tribe in central-western Brazil is down to three known members."

Marina Lopes reports for the Washington Post August 30, 2022.


"One Man Dies, and an Entire Uncontacted Tribe Vanishes in Brazil" (New York Times)


Source: Washington Post, 08/30/2022