"Bird Flu Kills Sea Lions And 1000s Of Pelicans In Peru's Protected Areas"

"Bird flu has killed tens of thousands of birds, mostly pelicans, and at least 716 sea lions in protected areas across Peru, the authorities said, as the H5N1 strain spreads throughout the region.

Peru recorded its first case of the virus in November in birds in the north of the country. Since then it has killed 63,000 birds, according to government data.

"We have also recorded since mid-January the unusual death of many sea lions, so far we have about 716 dead sea lions in seven protected natural areas of the coast," said Roberto Gutierrez, head of surveillance of the National Service of Natural Protected Areas."

Carlos Valdez and Marco Aquino report for Reuters February 21, 2023.

Source: Reuters, 02/22/2023