Bill Aiming To Preserve Kentucky’s Coal Power Plants Becomes Law

"A bill that would make it harder for Kentucky’s utility regulator to allow utilities to retire coal plants on the state’s electricity grid became law Friday without Gov. Andy Beshear’s signature.

Senate Bill 4, primarily sponsored by Sen. Robby Mills, R-Henderson, would create a series of prerequisites on the Kentucky Public Service Commission before it could approve a regulated utility’s request to retire a fossil fuel-fired power plant.

The Democratic governor did not veto the legislation during the ten day period he had to consider the bill after it passed the Kentucky legislature, instead allowing it to become law without his signature. The Republican-backed bill has an emergency declaration, meaning it goes into effect immediately."

Liam Niemeyer reports for States Newsroom March 27, 2023.

Source: States Newsroom, 03/28/2023