"Bernhardt’s Office Acknowledges Meetings Left Off Schedule"

"Interior also confirms secretary’s staff regularly overwrites his personal itinerary"

"The Interior Department has acknowledged that Secretary David Bernhardt’s staff intentionally left controversial meetings with representatives of fossil fuel, timber and water interests off his public calendar, citing “internal protocol” governing his schedules.

The department also confirmed that Bernhardt used a personal itinerary kept on a single Google document that was regularly overwritten by his scheduling staff and said he is still doing so as House Democrats probe whether the practice adheres to federal records laws.

Until now, the department had denied that any schedules were being overwritten. Bernhardt told lawmakers earlier this year the only calendar he used was on a document posted to the department’s website. He said he had “not personally maintained a calendar for years” and had “no intention of suddenly doing so now.”"

Jacob Holzman reports for Roll Call April 16, 2019.


"California Water District Sued Over Bernhardt Records Request" (Bloomberg Environment)

Source: Roll Call, 04/17/2019