Bald Eagles Believed To Have Been Poisoned Near Minnesota Landfill

"The University of Minnesota Raptor Center is caring for 10 sick eagles in critical condition."

"More than a dozen dead or dying bald eagles were found near a landfill in Inver Grove Heights, suspected victims of poisoning by eating carcasses of animals that were chemically euthanized and dumped at the landfill, according to wildlife officials.

The University of Minnesota Raptor Center said that on Dec. 4, the Inver Grove Heights police department brought in a severely sick juvenile bald eagle that had been found in the snow near the Pine Bend Landfill. Veterinarians suspected it had eaten from a carcass of an animal that was chemically euthanized with pentobarbital.

On the next day, volunteers went to the same area and found nine additional birds with similar signs of poisoning."

Richard Chin reports for the Minneapolis Star Tribune December 10, 2022.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, 12/12/2022