Another Louisiana Bayou Joins List Of Waterways With Mercury-Laden Fish

"Fishing spot near Baton Rouge added to list of almost 60 areas of concern"

"Despite a shrinking budget and an uncertain future, Louisiana's fish testing program is still finding waterways where fish might be unsafe to eat.

The Department of Health announced this week that Little Alabama Bayou, about 20 miles west of Baton Rouge, has fish with unsafe levels of mercury, a heavy metal that can stunt brain development and inflict long-term damage on the kidneys and heart. The bayou runs through the Sherburne Wildlife Management Area, a popular fishing destination.

The new advisory extends from the bayou’s headwaters near East Krotz Springs to its confluence with Big Alabama Bayou. Women of childbearing age and children younger than 7 are advised to eat no more than one meal per month of the bayou’s bowfin and largemouth bass. Black crappie and drum from the bayou should be eaten no more than three times per month."

Tristan Baurick reports for May 25, 2021.

Source:, 05/26/2021