Nuclear Power & Radiation

"U.S. Weighs Cutting Off Iran’s Gasoline Imports if Nuclear Talks Are Rejected"

"The Obama administration is talking with allies and Congress about the possibility of imposing an extreme economic sanction against Iran if it fails to respond to President Obama’s offer to negotiate on its nuclear program: cutting off the country’s imports of gasoline and other refined oil products."

Source: NYTimes, 08/03/2009

Navajos Mark Uranium Spill 30 Years Later

"Thirty years ago today, an earthen tailings dam near the United Nuclear Corp. Church Rock Uranium mine collapsed, spilling ninety million gallons of liquid radioactive waste and eleven hundred tons of solid mill wastes into the Rio Puerco. The spill contaminated water, land and air at least 50 miles downstream on Navajo Nation land in New Mexico and Arizona."

Source: New Mexico Independent, 07/17/2009


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