McCormick Tribune Specialized Reporting Institute on the Media and Nuclear Power Issues

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July 16, 2009 to July 18, 2009


Fellowships available! To students and recent graduates interested in science and environmental journalism: The University of Tennessee School of Journalism and Electronic Media will host a McCormick Tribune Specialized Reporting Institute on the Media and Nuclear Power Issues, July 16-18, 2009, utilizing the cooperation and expertise of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and the UT Nuclear Engineering Department.

The energy crisis has refocused national attention on nuclear power, which at present contributes about 20 percent of the country’s electricity. Concerns and myths about nuclear power abound and thus media attention on this issue has never been more important. Reporting on the issue should give Americans a clear vision of the possibilities, developments, and obstacles in the nuclear energy field. The three-day institute will focus on new frontiers in nuclear power, reporting the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of nuclear reactors, and on nuclear safety and nuclear waste storage issues. For perspective, the workshop will also explore the coverage of other forms of energy production, including nuclear fusion, solar power, wind power, biofuels, and cleaner coal, and what kind of energy-production mix would best contribute to an environmentally sustainable, energy-independent nation. A feature of the workshop will be a tour of ORNL and the TVA wind turbine installation on Buffalo Mountain.

All expenses for food and hotel accommodations are covered. Applicants should be students or recent graduates who are living in or attending colleges or universities in Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri. Applicants can be journalism majors or majors in other fields with a demonstrated interest in writing for the general public about science and the environment. Your application should consist of your resume and a brief note indicating why you are interested in this reporters' workshop. Please send your application to Miriam Kramer. There are 10 spots available.

For additional information, contact Miriam Kramer or Mark Littmann.

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Mark Littmann, Ph.D. Professor, Hill Chair of Excellence in Science Writing School of Journalism and Electronic Media
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