DEADLINE: Science Writers and Communicators of Canada's Book Awards

Event Date: 
December 8, 2023

The Science Writers and Communicators of Canada (SWCC, previously the Canadian Science Writers' Association) offers annual book awards to honor outstanding contributions to science writing in two categories:

  • Children (up to age 12)
  • General public

SWCC will also be offering the Paradigm Prize for Underrepresented Perspectives in Science Writing. Eligible recipients include a first-time author, an author/illustrator from an equity-seeking or underrepresented background, and/or work published by a small press or independent publisher. The Paradigm Prize will be selected from the shortlist of finalists for the two main categories and can be held in tandem with one of the other awards. Please note that judges will only consider entries that self-disclose their eligibility for the Paradigm Prize.

The award for each of the two main categories is $1,000. The winner of the Paradigm Prize will also receive $500 in recognition of their achievement.

Deadline: Dec 8, 2023.


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