DEADLINE: Historias Sin Fronteras / Stories Without Borders

Event Date: 
July 22, 2020

InquireFirst is accepting applications for our Cross-Border Science Journalism Project, an initiative to promote collaborative cross-border science journalism in Latin America with up to $3,000USD in support.

With the support of the Department of Science Education of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), InquireFirst aims to encourage collaborative journalism on science, health and environmental issues of critical importance in Latin America.

We have designed a new website for the project in Spanish and in English. The name we selected is Historias Sin Fronteras — Stories Without Borders — because we believe the name reflects the spirit of this initiative.

Our objective is to form teams of science, health and environment journalists working in countries throughout Latin America to produce in-depth regional projects. We invite you to form a team and to propose a cross-border water and/or ocean conservation journalism project that you can investigate and write in a period of two months. The winning team will have a minimum of two journalists and a maximum of four.

The diversity of countries represented on the team will be one of the main criteria for the selection of the winners.

There are three calls for proposals this year. In March 2020, the editorial focus was on health. In July, our focus is on the conservation of water and/or the ocean. Later this year, there will be a call for proposals for projects focused on nutrition, biotechnology and/or food production.

This initiative includes a grant to provide financial support to journalists whose projects are selected in 2020.

The deadline for proposals on the cross-border water and/or ocean conservation project is Jul 22, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

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