DEADLINE: EJN Story Grants To Strengthen Environmental Coverage in the Amazon

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January 8, 2024

An increase in environmental crimes poses significant risks to the Amazon Region. Wildlife trafficking, illegal logging, unsustainable fishing, and the expansion of mining and agricultural activities are some of the issues threatening the Amazon ecosystem and the Indigenous peoples and local communities it is home to.

Journalists, independent media outlets, and environmental defenders, already constrained by a lack of economic resources and training, are often confronted with violence and threats to their security. In this context, it is important to improve the quality of coverage of environmental issues in the Amazon and expose the several threats prevalent in the region.

To help meet this need, Internews’ Earth Journalism Network, the Internews Americas team in alliance with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) are offering a second round of story grants of US$1,500 to US$2,500 to journalists and communicators from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, to strengthen their capacities to produce high-quality, factual, and engaging public information on the impacts of transnational conservation crimes, their association with biodiversity loss and climate change, and to highlight viable community-led and policy-driven solutions to mitigate these impacts.

This opportunity is offered as part of the Together for Conservation project, which aims to strengthen the capacities of civil society actors and their regional networks to conserve biodiversity and prevent environmental crimes in the Amazon.  

The project aims to facilitate safe and effective collaboration among journalists, independent media and communicators to support the production of content that amplifies Indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ issues. The goal is also to promote transparency and accountability to combat transnational conservation crimes in the Amazon basin.

Applications can be in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Deadline: Jan 8, 2024.

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