#SEJSpotlight: Valerie Vande Panne, Managing Editor, Native News Online

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Meet Valerie Vande Panne! Valerie is the Managing Editor of Native News Online. She is a former environmental reporter for the NPR and PBS affiliate WGCU in Southwest Florida. She is also a former Editor in Chief of Detroit's alt-weekly, the Metro Times, and a former News Editor of High Times magazine. Her work has been featured in a wide variety of outlets, from Bloomberg to In These Times. She travels extensively throughout Indian Country. More.

 Valerie recommends joining SEJ, and said, "SEJ has given me access and connections to countless reporters and experts. My work — and my life — are fuller because of the opportunities SEJ presents to its members."

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Twitter      @asktheduchess
Web          valerievandepanne.com/
Email        valerie@valerievandepanne.com

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