#SEJSpotlight: Eduardo Franco Berton, Freelance Investigative Journalist and Conservation Photographer

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Meet SEJ member Eduardo Franco Berton! Born in Bolivia, since childhood Eduardo has always been an enthusiast of wildlife and nature. He was trained as a lawyer specializing in environment and conservation. He has a master's degree in Climate Change, and postgraduate degrees in Environmental Law, Management and Conservation of Natural Areas, and Literature. In 2021, Eduardo was awarded the TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young Persons) award by the Junior Chamber International (JCI) of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. His research has been recognized by the "Javier Valdez" Latin American Prize for Investigative Journalism and SEJ's Awards for Reporting on the Environment. Camera in hand, Eduardo has traveled to some of the most remote parts of the American continent, from the jungles of the Amazon to the south of Patagonia, always looking for stories and images that give a voice to biodiversity and inspire the conservation of ecosystems.

When asked if he recommends SEJ membership, Eduardo said, "Definitely! Take advantage of networking opportunities with other colleagues, come up with story ideas and learn from the expertise of our peers at the SEJ conference." Join Eduardo at SEJ today!

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Twitter         @edufrancoberton
Web             www.eduardofrancoberton.org
Instagram    @edufrancoberton

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