#SEJSpotlight: Dr. Tara Lumpkin, Founder, Voices for Biodiversity

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After three decades of working with people and nature as an environmental journalist and anthropologist, Tara founded Voices for Biodiversity, an online magazine that publishes the stories of eco-reporters from around the globe. She has been employed in international development and conservation work in both the U.S. and overseas. Tara has a master’s degree in creative writing; has worked as an environmental journalist; writes poetry, fiction and nonfiction; and has taught writing at the college level.

A member since 2010, Tara uses her SEJ membership to "help find local biodiversity stories around the globe allowing me to reach out to prospective grassroots citizen-journalists in those locales. I also re-post many stories written by SEJ members on Voices for Biodiversity's social media."

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Twitter          @v4bio
Facebook     /voicesforbiodiversity
LinkedIn      @voicesforbiodiversity


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