SEJournal Fall 1990, Vol. 1 No. 1

November 15, 1990

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SEJ News

Bulletin: IRS grants SEJ tax exempt status as a non-profit educational and charitable organization

SEJ President Jim Detjen outlines the organization’s status, goals

Charter memberships issued to 161, representing 35 states and three foreign countries

Stolberg retires

Cover Story

Environmental stories score big in contests. What does it mean?







California had the country’s first organization for environmental reporters, and it was a rebellious lot. Reflections by on of the ring leaders, Tom Harris of the Sacramento Bee

Scientists Institute for Public Information survey finds environmental reporting on the rise

A television news director tells why she backs environmental news

Tech Talk. This issue, Steve Nash reviews coverage on the unexplained decline in populations of songbirds, amphibians and trees

Reporters’ Toolbox

Julie Edelson offers guide to dealing with the EPA bureaucracy


Will Collette of Citizens’ Clearing-house for Hazardous Wastes critiques environmental journalism

Green Beat

Contact list of Green Beat correspondents, by state

A state-by-state roundup of dominant issues, exceptional reporting, and developments in academic programs and newsrooms

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