Environmental Fiction Books: SEJ Members' Favorites and More

Here's a list of environmental fiction books SEJ members and others have enjoyed as a change of pace from "just the facts." Books marked with asterisks were recommended multiple times. Especially popular are mysteries involving the environment, such as Barr's Anna Pigeon series and as people said over and over again, anything by Carl Hiaasen. Don't miss the section for kids at the bottom of the page.

SEJ members: Do you have suggestions for new books or feedback on this page? Please send to cmac@sej.org.

Abbey, Edward
Down the River
The Fool's Progress
Hayduke Lives
The Monkey Wrench Gang*

Alexie, Sherman
Indian Killer

Atwood, Margaret
Oryx and Crake

Barr, Nevada
Blind Descent*
Endangered Species*
Ill Wind*
A Superior Death*
Track of the Cat*

Baxter, Charles
Shadow Play

Bissell, Sallie
In the Forest of Harm

Boyle, T.C.
A Friend of the Earth

Brunner, John
The Sheep Look Up

Callenbach, Ernest

Cody, Robin
Ricochet River

deBuys, William
River of Traps: A Village Life

Dickinson, Peter
The Poison Oracle

Doig, Ivan
Mountain Time
The Sea Runners
Winter Brothers

Duncan, David James
River Teeth
The River Why*&

Elton, Ben
This Other Eden*

Gloss, Molly
 Wild Life

Gould, Steven and Mixon, Laura

Grant, Richard
Rumors of Spring

Green, Gila
No Entry (Stormbird Press, 2019)

Grisham, John
The Pelican Brief 

Guterson, David
Snow Falling on Cedars*

Harrison, Jim
A Good Day to Die

Hiaasen, Carl
Native Tongue*
Tourist Season*

Hockenberry, John
A River Out of Eden

Kesey, Ken
Sometimes a Great Notion

Kingsolver, Barbara
The Poisonwood Bible*
Prodigal Summer*

Le Guin, Ursula
The Lathe of Heaven
The Word for World is Forest

Lesley, Craig
River Song
The Sky Fisherman*
Storm Riders

MacDonald, John D.
A Flash of Green

Maclean, Norman
A River Runs Through It and Other Stories

Matthiessen, Peter
At Play in the Fields of the Lord
Far Tortuga
Killing Mister Watson*

Munroe, Jim
Everyone in Silico

Neely, Barbara
Blanche Cleans Up

Nichols, John
The Magic Journey
The Milagro Beanfield War
The Nirvana Blues

North, Peter
Corncrakes and Windmills
A Climate of Fear
Pay Dirt

Perry, Thomas
Death Benefits

Powers, Richard

Quinn, Daniel

Rathbone, Julian

Robbins, Tom
Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates

Robinson, Kim Stanley
Green Mars

Russell, Mary Doria
The Sparrow

Silko, Leslie Marmon

Speart, Jessica
Bird Brained
Black Delta Night
Border Prey
Coastal Disturbance
Gator Aide
A Killing Season

Stegner, Wallace
Angle of Repose

Stephenson, Neal
Zodiac: An Eco-Thriller

Sterling, Bruce
Heavy Weather

Watkins, Paul



For Kids

Giono, Jean
The Man Who Planted Trees
- there's also an animated film by Frédéric Back and CBC/SRC.

Schweres, Michael
The Environment Angel and the Children from the Smoking Mountain
- recommended age group: 10 +
- Elefanten Press, ISBN #3-570-14624-3

Dr. Seuss
The Lorax

Udry, Janice May
A Tree is Nice

Viorst, Judith
The Tenth Good Thing About Barney

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