Weekslong Water Crisis in Mississippi Hitting Black Residents Hardest

"Infrastructure failures following bitterly cold temperatures caused dozens of water mains to burst and freeze, leaving thousands without running water for weeks."

"Frigid temperatures and torrential snowfall have largely left the South after a cold front gripped the region weeks ago, but some cities are still facing dire infrastructure failures caused by the cold and their state’s lack of preparation.
Most of the people suffering the most untenable circumstances ― including a now weekslong water shortage in Mississippi ― are in predominantly Black and brown communities, and their experiences offer a grim look at the reality of racial inequality under the worsening global climate crisis.

When the extreme cold first touched the South in mid-February, Texas officials ― specifically, Texas Republicans ― were roundly criticized for their long-standing opposition to weatherizing the state’s power supply, a progressive energy priority. But widespread infrastructure failures during and after the cold front weren’t confined to Texas."

Ja’han Jones reports for HuffPost March 1, 2021.

Source: HuffPost, 03/03/2021