Trump Slams Kerry In Wild Town Hall, Insisting Climate Change Not A Problem

“The only global warming we should be thinking about or worrying about is nuclear global warming,” the ex-president said as vilified Biden's climate envoy.""

"Former President Donald Trump didn’t shy away from echoing his adamant denial of climate change during a town hall Tuesday in Iowa hosted by Sean Hannity.

During the event in Davenport, Trump slammed John Kerry and the efforts made by the presidential envoy for climate.

“Our country can be rich again. John Kerry has to be stopped. He’s destroying our country,” Trump told Hannity and the crowd at the town hall.

Kerry, a former senator and secretary of state, announced Tuesday that the U.S. would collaborate with other governments to speed up the process of making nuclear fusion a new source of carbon-free energy, which could be used to power cars and heat and cool homes instead of using fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and natural gas."

Shruti Rajkumar reports for HuffPost December 6, 2023.


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Source: HuffPost, 12/11/2023