"Trump’s Climate Contrarian: Myron Ebell Takes On the E.P.A."

"The mug-shot posters, pasted on walls and lampposts around Paris by an activist group during the United Nations climate talks last year, were hardly flattering. They depicted Myron Ebell, a climate contrarian, as one of seven 'climate criminals' wanted for 'destroying our future.'

But in his customary mild-mannered way, Mr. Ebell, who directs environmental and energy policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a libertarian advocacy group in Washington, brushed it off.

“I’ve gotten used to this over the years,” he told an interviewer at the talks. “But I did go out and get my photo taken with my poster, just so I have it as a memento.”"

Henry Fountain reports for the New York Times November 11, 2016.


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Source: NY Times, 11/14/2016