"Study: Steep Great Lakes Water Level Drop If Greenhouse Gases Remain Unchecked"

"Great Lakes water levels could drop by up to two feet by the turn of the century as temperatures rise, according to a recent series of reports released by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The water decline is a response to global climate change, according to the report by the group of scientists and citizens that advocates for science-based solutions to environmental problems. Warming temperatures reduce ice cover and increase evaporation. Lake Huron and Lake Michigan are projected to have the greatest changes. ...

The series of reports, Confronting Climate Change in the U.S. Midwest, aims to explain the current effects and predict potential consequences of climate change on Midwest states. The reports cover Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri and Ohio."

Haley Walker reports for the Great Lakes Echo Sept. 30, 2009.

Source: Great Lakes Echo, 10/01/2009