"Solar-Plus-Storage Projects Spread As Battery Prices Plunge"

"The kickoff of a big solar-plus-storage plant in Florida — following one in Arizona and another in Arkansas — means that a new power duo is climbing the charts among electric utilities.

Last week, Florida Power & Light Co. announced the largest project ever to put solar panels and batteries in tandem. The 409-megawatt installation is an order of magnitude bigger than any such plant ever built in Florida, a state that's been mostly indifferent to solar power despite its abundant sunshine.

'The FPL one was, I don't want to say shocking, but surprising for them to do something that big,' said Alex Eller, an energy storage analyst for research firm Navigant. 'It's an indication of how affordable this is going to get so quickly.'"

David Ferris reports for EnergyWire April 5, 2019.

Source: EnergyWire, 04/08/2019