"Slow-Moving Plan To Rid River of Toxic Goo Gains Momentum"

"It's simply known as 'the wall,' a steel-and-concrete structure costing about $22 million that will be pounded deep into the floor of the Elizabeth River near one of the worst toxic-waste sites in Hampton Roads.

As designed, the structure will extend 1,200 feet in a straight line, about 250 feet from shore, rising 11 feet above the surface of the water.

Its purpose: to hold back thousands of tons of highly contaminated goo, or sediments, that will be scooped from the river bottom and dumped behind the wall.

The wall, which will be next to the Jordan Bridge and the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, also is expected to block any tainted soil and groundwater from flowing off the site and further damaging the river. About 6 acres of waterfront land will be created from the stored goo. A construction contract is expected to be awarded in the fall for the project, which is finally moving forward after years of delay."

Scott Harper reports for the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot July 19, 2010.


Source: Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, 07/20/2010