"Researchers Say Pathways Alliance Misleading Public With Greenwashing"

"Oilsands companies omitted ‘important information’ about the industry’s carbon pollution in a massive marketing campaign, researchers say in a new paper published in a peer-reviewed journal".

"Canada’s largest oilsands companies are “misleading” the public about their industry’s environmental impact, according to new peer-reviewed research.

A new paper published in the journal Energy Research and Social Science has found the Pathways Alliance of oilsands companies engaged in multiple instances of “greenwashing” in their promotional efforts, obscuring the true nature of the oil and gas sector’s carbon pollution and the true costs required to eliminate it.

“”Their messaging omits important information, uses misleading framing and comparisons, and fails to meet standards expected of a credible net-zero plan,” the study said.

“It is possible that their net zero plan is a strategy for allowing increased emissions in the near term,” it added.

The Pathways Alliance is a group of six oil and gas companies representing the bulk of oilsands production."

Carl Meyer reports for The Narwhal April 4, 2024.

Source: The Narwhal, 04/09/2024