Red Fire Ant Colonies Found In Italy Could Spread Across Europe: Study

"Researchers identify 88 nests of destructive invasive non-native species near Syracuse in Sicily".

"An invasive non-native ant species has become established in Italy and could rapidly spread through Europe to the UK with global heating, a study warns.

The red fire ant, Solenopsis invicta, has a powerful sting, damages crops and can infest electrical equipment including cars and computers.

The ant, considered one of the most destructive invasive species, can rapidly form “super colonies” with multiple queens. The colonies prey on invertebrates, larger vertebrates and plants, destroying native plants and out-competing native ants, insects and herbivores for food."

Patrick Barkham reports for the Guardian September 11, 2023.


"At Home With The Red Fire Ant – And Its Many Potent Relatives" (Guardian)

Source: Guardian, 09/12/2023