"Obama Nominates Jon Jarvis to Head National Park Service"

"Jonathan Jarvis, President Barack Obama's choice for director of the National Park Service, an agency of the Interior Department, is winning support from environmental groups just a few days after the President nominated him for the post on Friday.

President of the National Parks Conservation Association Tom Kiernan said, 'He is well-versed in the threats to our natural and cultural treasures, and the leadership, collaboration, and cooperation needed to restore them. Jarvis fully understands the detrimental effect on the park system of long-standing federal funding shortfalls, the importance of science-based decisions, and the threats posed by climate change, chronic air pollution, inappropriate development, and the inability of the Park Service to acquire priority lands from willing sellers within park boundaries.'"

Environment News Service had the story July 13, 2009.

Source: ENS, 07/14/2009