"‘Monster Fracks’ Are Getting Far Bigger. And Far Thirstier."

"Giant new oil and gas wells that require astonishing volumes of water to fracture bedrock are threatening America’s fragile aquifers."

"Increasingly complex oil wells are sweeping across Texas, birthplace of the fracking revolution, and the nation.

A Times analysis found that these new wells can consume millions of gallons of water, often taken from dwindling aquifers.

To satisfy that thirst, energy giants are drilling not just for oil, but for the water they need."

Nationwide, fracking has used up nearly 1.5 trillion gallons of water since 2011. That’s how much tap water the entire state of Texas uses in a year."

Hiroko Tabuchi and Blacki Migliozzi report for the New York Times September 25, 2023.


"Uncharted Waters" series portal page (New York Times)


Source: NYTimes, 09/26/2023