Lack Of Water, Sewer Service Brings Health Risks To Some Alaska Villages

"On a ridge rising over the Bering Strait coast lies the resting place for one community’s sewage.

In Teller, an Iñupiat community of about 250, homes have no flush toilets — nor are there pipes carrying waste to municipal treatment plants. Instead, there is a dumpsite about 5 miles from town for plastic bags filled with urine and feces, many of them punctured and leaking.

This is what is known in Alaska as a “honey bucket lagoon” — a disposal site for the contents of the 5-gallon buckets that serve as toilets for Teller’s residents.

“At least it’s not overflowing,” said Blanche Okbaok-Garnie, Teller’s mayor, who shielded her nose at times when the wind carried the stench from deposited waste and the containers that held it."

Yereth Rosen  reports for Arctic Today November 30, 2021.

Source: Arctic Today, 12/07/2021