"France Announces A Major Buildup Of Its Nuclear Power Program"

"President Emmanuel Macron outlined plans for a wave of new-generation atomic reactors as the country seeks to slash planet-warming emissions."

"President Emmanuel Macron announced a major buildup of France’s huge nuclear power program on Thursday, pledging to construct up to 14 new-generation reactors and a fleet of smaller nuclear plants as the country seeks to slash planet-warming emissions and cut its reliance on foreign energy.

The announcement represented an about-face for Mr. Macron, who had previously pledged to reduce France’s reliance on nuclear power but has pivoted to burnishing an image as a pronuclear president battling climate change as he faces a tough re-election bid in April.

“What our country needs is the rebirth of France’s nuclear industry,” Mr. Macron said at a nuclear turbine factory in the industrial city of Belfort in eastern France as throngs of workers and political officials gathered around. “The time has come for a nuclear renaissance,” he added."

Liz Alderman reports for the New York Times February 10, 2022.

Source: NYTimes, 02/11/2022