"Four More Colorado Towns Certified As “Dark Sky” Havens"

"Nucla, Naturita and Crestone pass the test when it comes to seeing stars"

"Colorado’s push to combat light pollution so that more residents can see stars at night has gained momentum with four more towns – including Naturita, Nucla and Crestone — winning dark sky designations and others expanding their efforts.

The advocates of also establishing two broader regional dark zones in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and west of the San Juan Mountains extending to the Utah border are drawing support from ranchers and farmers concerned about losing “pioneer heritage,” said Bob Grossman, a retired University of Colorado atmospheric scientist in Norwood who is helping to lead the push.

“If a big new development shows up right next to you and starts turning up lights uncontrolled, you’re not going to like it and your cows are not going to like it,” Grossman said."

Bruce Finley reports for the Denver Post May 29, 2021.

Source: Denver Post, 06/02/2021