Disease-Carrying Tick Populations Spread North To Canada: Study

"A new study has documented the rapid growth in Canada of ticks that can cause Lyme disease, and global warming is thought to be a factor."

"Ticks capable of carrying Lyme disease went from being almost non-existent in populated areas in Canada in 1990 to being currently in 18 per cent of such spots east of Saskatchewan, and this is expected to reach 80 per cent by 2020, according to the paper published in the British Ecological Society's Journal of Applied Ecology.

The report did not specifically link global warming with this trend, but lead researcher Patrick Leighton, of the University of Montreal's faculty of veterinary medicine, said rising temperatures are thought to be a reason."

Derek Abma reports for Postmedia News March 11, 2012.

Source: Postmedia, 03/12/2012