"Deformed Minnesota Frogs Still Largely a Mystery 17 Years Later"

"HENDERSON, Minn. — Minnesota made headlines around the world in 1995 when schoolchildren discovered dozens of grossly deformed frogs in a pond in south central Minnesota."

"Soon there were more reports of deformed frogs from around Minnesota and other places — gruesome photographs of frogs with extra legs, or missing legs, or eyes in the wrong place. People wondered if the frogs were a sign that something in the environment was wrong, which could also spell trouble for humans.

Seventeen years later, scientists still have not completely solved the mystery of what caused frogs to develop those deformities.

But more is known about how the investigation unfolded, and how the case spawned a fight within the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency over whether the agency should even look into the matter."

Stephanie Hemphill reports for Minnesota Public Radio July 17, 2012.

Source: MPR, 07/19/2012