Climate Votes May Cost Congress Members

Idaho Democrat Walt Minick's vote against the House climate bill "could be considered a savvy political vote in his conservative district, where many voters are skeptical whether human activity is changing the world's climate.

Opposition to this measure comes easy for Idaho Republicans - the rest of the delegation has steadfastly opposed this way to combat climate change.

But as the lone Democrat, Minnick's vote threatens to undercut the support of a major part of his core: environmentalists. Many of the people who manned the phones, gave money and went door-to-door to help the former businessman get elected in 2008 were environmentalists.

The League of Conservation Voters' executive director, Gene Karpinski, told Minnick that his group will not endorse anyone who voted against the bill."

Rocky Barker reports for the Idaho Statesman July 5, 2009.

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Source: Idaho Statesman, 07/06/2009