Climate May Spawn 2010 Political War

"Since Democrats squeezed out a 219-212 vote on the legislation, no single member of Congress has been the subject of as much scrutiny -- and political sparring -- as [Tom]Perriello [D-VA]. His district has seen a deluge of ads from all sides unmatched anywhere else in the country.

The National Republican Congressional Committee singled out Perriello for a television campaign in the days after the vote that accused the lawmaker of supporting legislation that would pave the way for massive cost increases to consumers. Several days later, interest groups on the left fired back with their own TV ads that praised the bill as a job-creator for the region.

The early campaign-style fighting highlights the political potency of the climate vote, with Republicans in particular expressing confidence that it is the kind of vote that could cost a number of moderate Democrats their seats."

Alex Kaplun reports for ClimateWire July 14, 2009.

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Source: ClimateWire, 07/15/2009