California Proposes Trading Program To Cut Carbon Emissions

"California officials on Tuesday issued the nation's first blueprint for a broad-based cap-and-trade plan, an innovative and controversial effort to use market forces to control global warming.

The ambitious program would cap most of the state's greenhouse gases, including those from more than 600 power plants, refineries, cement plants and other big factories. It would allow companies to buy and sell emission allowances among themselves to reach an overall goal of cutting planet-warming pollutants 15% below today's levels by 2020.

The state's action comes as Congress wrestles with a cap-and-trade bill for planet-heating emissions. Legislation passed by the House is stalled in the Senate.

'California is first out of the box,' California Air Resources Board Chairman Mary Nichols said."

Margot Roosevelt reports for the Los Angeles Times November 25, 2009.

Source: LA Times, 11/25/2009