Brazil Readies Task Force To Expel Miners From Yanomami Lands: Officials

"BRASILIA - Brazil is preparing a task force of armed forces, police and government agencies to soon launch an operation to expel illegal gold miners who invaded the Yanomami indigenous reservation, officials said on Tuesday.

More than 20,000 wildcat miners are blamed for bringing disease, violence and hunger that have caused a humanitarian crisis for isolated Yanomami villages on Brazil's largest indigenous reservation, on the border with Venezuela.

Defense Minister Jose Mucio said the military is needed to drive out the miners, who are well armed and have helicopters.

"We will soon confront them. We need to root out this evil," Mucio said in an interview with Band TV about the operation that the government has called "Yanomami Shield.""

Anthony Boadle reports for Reuters February 1, 2023.

Source: Reuters, 02/01/2023