Biden DOI Suspends Alaska Mining Road Advanced By Trump Officials

"Interior Department found ‘significant deficiencies’ in environmental analysis of Ambler Road, which would traverse one the country’s largest roadless areas as well as Indigenous communities".

"The Biden administration on Tuesday said it found “significant deficiencies” in a Trump-era environmental analysis of a mining road that would cut through wilderness and Indigenous territory in northwest Alaska.

The construction of Ambler Road is one of the most high-profile environmental issues in Alaska, as it would bring 211 miles of new road through one of the largest roadless areas in the country.

The Interior Department said in a statement that the road proposal — which includes about 50 miles of Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service land — would cross the traditional homelands of Alaska Native communities including the Koyukon, Tanana Athabascans and Iñupiat peoples."

Joshua Partlow reports for the Washington Post February 22, 2022.

Source: Washington Post, 02/23/2022