"Biden Campaign Mulls Possible 'Climate Czar' Position"

"A Biden administration would seek to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord."

"Joe Biden's transition team is considering appointing a climate and energy “czar” to help direct sweeping changes across federal agencies if he wins next month's election, according to people familiar with the discussions.

One person familiar with the Biden team's discussions said there was no firm list of candidates for such a role, but some of the names that have circulated include former Secretary of State John Kerry and former Bill Clinton adviser John Podesta.

That type of appointment would help elevate climate issues in a potential Biden administration, these people said, and would help ensure they are among the top priorities at agencies ranging from the Energy and Interior departments to Commerce and Defense. Another option under discussion is whether to appoint someone to the White House National Security Council whose sole focus would be climate matters."

Ben Lefebvre and Anthony Adragna report for Politico October 7, 2020.

Source: Politico, 10/08/2020