"AP Poll: Sometimes It Isn't Easy Being Green"

"A solid majority of Americans recognize the need to help the environment, although there are some things -- like buying a hybrid car or taking mass transit -- that people often talk about, but don't necessarily act on.

That's shown in a survey of more than 1,000 adults that sought to gauge attitudes about the environment.

The telephone poll, conducted for The Associated Press and NBC Universal, found that 60 percent of those surveyed felt either a 'great deal' or 'a lot' of personal responsibility to protect the environment, while 37 percent rarely, if ever, even thought about the impact of their actions on the Earth's health.

Nearly 8 of 10 people who were concerned about environmental protection said they believe their actions are helping to protect the environment, according to the poll released Tuesday. It found that people have largely accepted recycling bottles and cans -- about 7 in 10 people said they're likely to do it -- and are inclined to find ways to cut electricity or heating costs, also to benefit the environment.

A little more than 6 of 10 said buying energy-efficient appliances, using recycled paper products and car pooling also help a lot. A little more than half said it would make a lot of difference to turn down the thermostat, reuse water bottles and take your own reusable bag when grocery shopping."

H. Josef Hebert reports for the Associated Press November 17, 2009.

Source: AP, 11/19/2009