"Administration Appears Close to Filling Nuclear Panel's Vacancies"

"The Obama administration is close to a decision on filling two vacancies on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, according to industry and congressional sources. The appointments would come at a pivotal time for the industry's hopes of a revival, as NRC weighs operating license applications for a handful of new reactors and a review of its waste fuel policy.

The administration is believed to have settled on former Energy Department official William Magwood and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor George Apostolakis as the nominees. Both would be welcomed by the industry, officials said.

NRC is headed by chairman Gregory Jaczko, chosen in May for the position by President Obama, and two Republican commissioners, former chairman Dale Klein and Kristine Svinicki. Apostolakis could not be reached for comment yesterday. Magwood said, 'I've heard the same rumors,' but declined to comment further."

Peter Behr reports for ClimateWire in the New York Times July 24, 2009.

Source: ClimateWire, 07/27/2009