"Access Denied: Trying To Get Into Canada’s ‘Premier’ Pro-Coal Gathering"

"I was feeling hopeful when I made my way to the Coal Association of Canada’s conference registration desk at the Sheraton Wall Centre in downtown Vancouver last week. The association had denied my media request to attend the conference but didn’t share their decision-making process or reasoning. I thought an in-person conversation would help clarify any concerns and hoped it was an oversight.

Unfortunately, The Narwhal was denied access to the conference without any explanation, despite multiple attempts to learn why. This denial is part of ongoing attempts to prevent journalists from covering events where industry representatives or government officials are gathering.

“It’s really unfair and unreasonable,” president of the Canadian Association of Journalists, Brent Jolly, said of the decision and lack of transparency. It’s crucial to have a diversity of journalists at events and forums like this where important discussions are happening with those who have major influence, Jolly told The Narwhal.  

The Coal Association of Canada represents dozens of members involved in all aspects of the industry from exploration, production, transportation and consulting. It advocates for a vision that “Canadians understand the role and value of coal in Canada.” "

Francesca Fionda reports for The Narwhal November 2, 2023.

Source: The Narwhal, 11/03/2023