Where Will We Go? Let’s Talk About Climate Change and Human Migration

Event Date: 
September 29, 2020

With wildfires continuing to rage in California (and as droughts, floods, and other extreme weather routinely wreak damage throughout the nation and world), climate change is not a hypothetical challenge of the future. It is an issue right now.

Join the Pulitzer Center and ProPublica on Tuesday, September 29, at 3 pm eastern for a conversation with ProPublica journalists and SEJ members Abrahm Lustgarten and Elizabeth Weil as they delve into their recent reporting along with Baruch College geographer Bryan Jones.

ProPublica Editor-in-Chief Stephen Engelberg moderates, bringing in audience questions to the conversation.

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Lustgarten, with The New York Times Magazine and support from the Pulitzer Center, examined how the warming of the planet — with nearly one-fifth of the world expected to become an unlivable hot zone by 2070 — is beginning to force a new American migration. In other parts of the world, including communities in Central America, the climate migration has begun.

In her recent reporting, Weil explained that the California fires are the result of not only climate change but years of misguided policy decisions.

Among the conversation topics: the factors behind the megafires in the West, scientific forecasts for climate migration in the U.S. and beyond, and solutions for preventing further devastation.

Learn more about Climate Migration reporting supported by the Pulitzer Center and related educational resources.


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