IAIA Special Symposium: Sustainable Mega-Infrastructure and Impact Assessment

Event Date: 
December 1, 2015 to December 5, 2015

Symposium Theme: We are in the midst of an infrastructure boom, unprecedented in human history, that is forever changing the face of our planet. Natural and social environments are facing extraordinary challenges due to population growth and the increasing human needs associated with economic growth. IAIA’s symposium will explore these challenges through the lens of mega-infrastructure projects. It will focus on “sustainable infrastructure”— the principles and criteria needed for effective project design, planning and implementation, and how impact assessment can be a critical process in making mega-infrastructure projects more sustainable. The symposium will aim to change the perception of, and dialogue around, sustainable mega- infrastructure to embrace those opportunities that enhance economic, social, environmental, and sustainability outcomes and a new way of doing business.

The Sustainable Infrastructure Topics of the symposium include:

•Construction best practices and sustainable infrastructure

•Role of government

•Managing lender risk

•Integrated cross-sector planning including biodiversity, ecosystem serv ices and landscape conservation planning

•Social management for large infrastructure projects

•Cultural heritage management

•Managing complexity in design, construction and operations

•Stakeholder engagement and consultation

•New tools and approaches for effective impact assessment and management

•Cumulative impacts assessment and management

•Climate change adaptation and risk management

•Resettlement and livelihoods restoration

•Indigenous peoples and infrastructure projects

Four training courses will be offered 4-5 December, covering the topics of environmental, social, health, cumulative, and biodiversity impact assessment.

Event Details

Panama City, Panama
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Kayla Abtin
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International Association for Impact Assessment
Hotel Riu Plaza Panama