DEADLINE: NAJA Native American Journalism Fellowship and Facebook Journalism Project Scholarship

Event Date: 
April 30, 2021

In order to streamline the application process, NAJA members who are students can now complete a single application for both the 2021 Native American Journalism Fellowship and 2021 NAJA Facebook Journalism Project Scholarship. Both programs have the same application, deadline and review process. Students may apply for one or both programs, following eligibility and rules for each as listed below.

The deadline to submit applications is April 30, 2021.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the NAJA Education Committee is monitoring if, how and when it will offer the fellowship program in lieu of plans for the 2021 National Native Media Conference. Attendance during all days of the NAJF Student Newsroom Sept. 13-19, 2021 is mandatory for all fellows, and the NAJA Education Committee will continue to evaluate COVID-19 travel logistics and announce updates as conditions warrant.

Native American Journalism Fellowship - Eligibility and Rules
Who should apply? Any current American Indian, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian, First Nations and Métis college or graduate students pursuing degrees in broadcast, print or digital journalism are eligible. Applicants must be current NAJA members to apply.

Upon selection, Fellows will be assigned to a professional media mentor. Fellows will be matched with mentors and notified of their application status shortly thereafter, when they will receive story assignments.   

NAJA-Facebook Journalism Project Scholarship
The Native American Journalists Association is committed to increasing the representation of Indigenous journalists in mainstream media. NAJA supports and empowers members through annual scholarship opportunities for Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, First Nations and Métis students.

In 2021, NAJA will select five students for one-time awards of $10,000 each for the NAJA - Facebook Journalism Project Scholarship for Indigenous students pursuing journalism and media degrees at a higher learning institutions.

To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled juniors, seniors, or graduate students at an accredited university in the United States pursuing a degree in digital media/journalism/communications. Applicants must highlight a demonstrated commitment to Indigenous storytelling. Students must be NAJA members.



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