DEADLINE: Kurt Schork Awards in International Journalism

Event Date: 
May 31, 2024

The annual Kurt Schork Awards in International Journalism, underwritten by the Kurt Schork Memorial Fund and Reuters, will award three $5,000USD prizes to recognize excellence in courageous reporting of conflict, corruption, human rights transgressions and injustice.

  • Freelance Award: Recognizing journalists who travel to the world’s conflict zones, usually at great personal risk, to witness and report on the impact and consequences of these events.
  • Local Reporter Award: Recognizing the often-overlooked work of journalists in developing nations (or countries in transition) who write about events in their homeland.
  • News Fixer Award: Recognizing local journalists and/or experts, hired by a visiting foreign reporter or news organization, whose guidance and local knowledge materially benefited the content, impact and reach of the stories submitted.

The awards were created to honor Kurt Schork, an American freelance journalist who was killed in a military ambush while on assignment for Reuters on May 24, 2000, in Sierra Leone and are intended to recognize the work specifically of print journalists and those writing for online publications.

The competition is open to freelance journalists, local reporters and fixers anywhere in the world. The Kurt Schork Awards Deadline: May 31annually.

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