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"PFAS Pollute 83% Of U.S. Waterways"

"The overwhelming majority of U.S. waterways are likely polluted with “forever chemicals,” according to a grim new analysis that comes as the country marks a half-century of its landmark water protection law."

Source: E&E News, 10/19/2022

"US Firms Exploiting Trump-Era Loophole Over Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’"

"Study finds chemical companies dodging federal law designed to track how many PFAS plants are pumping into environment".

"Chemical companies are dodging a federal law designed to track how many PFAS “forever chemicals” their plants are discharging into the environment by exploiting a loophole created in the Trump administration’s final months, a new analysis of federal records has found.

Source: Guardian, 10/13/2022

"‘Forever Chemicals’ In Deer, Fish Challenge Hunters, Tourism"

"Wildlife agencies in the U.S. are finding elevated levels of a class of toxic chemicals in game animals such as deer — and that’s prompting health advisories in some places where hunting and fishing are ways of life and key pieces of the economy."

Source: AP, 10/06/2022