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Dead Livestock And Poisoned Water — Texas Farmers Sue Over PFAS Pollution

"Two Texas farm families have seen their health decline, their pets and livestock sickened and killed, their water poisoned and and their property values wiped out due to high levels of chemical contamination linked to a company marketing treated sewage sludge as a fertilizer and soil conditioner, according to a lawsuit filed by the families."

Source: The New Lede, 02/22/2024

"2024 Could Be A Big Year For PFAS Bans: Report"

"Policymakers in 36 states will consider more than 450 bills that deal with toxic chemicals in 2024, according to a new analysis of anticipated state legislation from Safer States."

Source: EHN, 02/09/2024

"Keep PFAS Out Of Your Sex Life"

"New testing finds evidence of “forever chemicals” in two types of condoms and one lubricant. The good news? The vast majority appear PFAS-free."

Source: EHN, 02/07/2024